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So, how was the date?
                 Was there a good night kiss?

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    He took her home, and this time they kissed until both their hearts beat high […]

You know why I love this kiss so much? It was the first time that we saw both going for a kiss, together. Not Emma first, not Killian first, both of them starting it. Because they love each other. He loves her, she loves him too. Differently how was before, Emma’s not trying to hide her feelings for him, and he’s open to receive the love she has to give, and is loving her with all he has, too.

"so what do i call you now, captain hand?”
killian, will do”

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when killian switches modes from playful banter to serious romancing and his voice drops even lower that he basically whispers ‘will you go out with me again’ with so much uncertainty and hope in his voice like maybe she’ll say no what if she still doesn’t like me what if she steals my new jacket like doesn’t it give your heart a little squeeze because they’re so precious and new at this together and so perfect whispering about next time they’ll spend more time together later into the night in Emma’s own place without interruptions or ogling parents and alone together finally and it’s just so easy and precious and coffee is the new tacos im gonna go cry about it now bye

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PRETTY OUTFITS » 73/?, killian jones, once upon a time, 404


[ That moment your OTP can’t believe how good looking their date is ]

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People: You're so quiet, like you don't talk
Me: I talk, just not to you


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Team’s reactions to May flirting


The last gif though :(

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